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About Our Business

Infinity Martial Arts educates students on both the mental and physical aspects necessary to keep in shape and defend themselves in a trying society. Our martial art’s programs teache not only physical self-defense techniques but important life skills such as discipline, respect and confidence to stand up to peer pressure and other mental challenges thrust upon one in today’s fast-paced society.

Instructor/Owner Uriah Breunig

Master Uriah Breunig was adopted from Korea at the age of 2 and grew up in the Midwest. After graduating from high school, he moved to Orlando, FL to go to college at The University of Central Florida. It was there in 1993 that he met Chief Master Sergio VonSchmeling. Master Breunig began training and quickly realized that martial arts and teaching was his true his passion. After a brief stint working in Orlando with Chief Master VonSchmeling, Master Breunig left in 2001 opened his own school in the Northern Virginia area where he would become a staple in the community. During those times, he has earned countless titles and molded many students into first rate black belts. Almost 2 decades later, Infinity Martial Arts is still helping guide today’s future leaders. Master Breunig is proud to bring his expert teaching and philosophy to the Washington DC, Chevy Chase areas.

Why Choose Infinity Martial Arts?

Realistic training in a safe environment

Safety first! Not only are we concerned for our safety out in the world, but we are also, and especially concerned for your safety in the dojo. We train with a high degree of accuracy and emphasis on safety and self-control. The first priority of the instructor is the safety of his students. The first priority of the student is the safety of their partner.

Our program educates students on the importance of self-discipline, persistence and maintaining a positive attitude for a better quality of life at work or school.

Fun, Energetic Classes For All Ages!!!

We want you to be serious about your training. However, we also want you to have fun while you are training. We have found that people learn better when they are relaxed and not stressed out. We all make mistakes. It's a necessary part of learning. However, you don't need to beat yourself up over them. Keep a lighthearted attitude about yourself and just do better next time. We will push you to exceed your limitations, but you should not dread coming to class. It feels good to learn new things and get good at them. We want you to train hard, have fun, enjoy your journey and feel great after every class.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Kathleen Herndon

Master Breunig is a gifted and motivating teacher who gets the best out of any child. He really works to meet them on an individual level, even in a busy class. My 3 children look forward to class every time, and even when they come home exhausted, they’re smiling!

Melanie Brown

My son Damian just started recently and loves going! ATA was recommended to us so we decided to do a trial class. My son was the first new member at the new location. He’s never wanted to try any activity until he mentioned martial arts to us and he’s really enjoying it.

Anthony Exley

Best comprehensive martial arts training around, excellent instructor, valuable lessons apply to all sorts of situations in life, not just physical training