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Kathleen Herndon

Master Breunig is a gifted and motivating teacher who gets the best out of any child. He really works to meet them on an individual level, even in a busy class. My 3 children look forward to class every time, and even when they come home exhausted, they’re smiling!

Melanie Brown

My son Damian just started recently and loves going! ATA was recommended to us so we decided to do a trial class. My son was the first new member at the new location. He’s never wanted to try any activity until he mentioned martial arts to us and he’s really enjoying it.

Connie Bowling

Kickboxing class is my new favorite workout! I learn techniques, get cardio, and get strength training. I attend the online classes which makes it super easy for me to get to class. Master Bruenig makes class fun, he has tons of energy (which sometimes make you hate him too!), and he also manages to give individual attention so he can help with form and to keep you from slacking. I really like taking the classes and I always look forward to the next one. I highly recommend the class to everyone. I started out below beginner level and Master Bruenig works with you at your level and pace. Even after only a couple of months, I have made progress and I am very encouraged!

Christopher Catellano

Master Breunig is fantastic. You can tell how much he loves what he does. My son Ethan loves going to class and the new school is huge. Come to class you will not be disappointed!!

Suzanne Brown

Great Master instructor Uriah Breunig is a wonderful man who truly cares for his students and helps everyone. My grandchildren have been going here since July 2008 and have both earned their 3rd degree black belts and are working on their fourth.

Anthony Exley

Best comprehensive martial arts training around, excellent instructor, valuable lessons apply to all sorts of situations in life, not just physical training

Sergio Natareno

Yo recomiendo ATA Martial arts Virginia es una gran escuela y mi hijo lleva 6 años con ellos a aprendido mucho sobre disiplina, self control y a tener confiansa en si mismo y tambien a defenderce es bueno para nuestros mas en estos tiempos, MASTER BREUNIG es muy buen instructor y espero mis hijos sigan con el por muchos años mas